Food Rating App with a Barcode Scanner

Mobile apps
from 11.12.2014 to 27.03.2015

Available on Google Play

Food-rate startup came up with a great idea of giving buyers an opportunity to quickly find customer reviews about any product in the store. We were challenged to develop a mobile app for Android to implement this idea.


Just scan the barcode on the product to see the reviews about it or to write your own review. "Scan and find" is the main feature of the app, so we placed it on the start screen eliminating extra taps. You can also find the product by its name or enter the code manually; however, scanning is the quickest way to go.

Each product is rated from 0 to 10 based on customer feedback. The higher the score, the better the product. The overall rating helps easily identify the best product in each category.

In addition to product rating the app shows:

  1. general information about a product;
  2. user reviews;
  3. recommendations.

Search in performed in GS1 database. GS1 is an international organization that develops and maintains standards of registration and barcoding.


Product evaluation is based on personal taste preferences of Food-rate users and does not depend on whether the product is organic or not, its price, health benefits or any other factors.

Food-rate shows public opinion on which products are tasty and which are not.


Food-rate team is planning to develop their website and launch the app for iOS. They asked us to develop an overall style of their future products as a part of the Android app design. So the task was not only to create user-friendly UX, but also to develop the brand identity during UI design process. We started with selecting fonts and color palette, then completed a full set of layouts and handed them over to our Android developers.

The app was designed in accordance with Google Material Design guidelines.

Things I liked the most about Manufactura were their portfolio and professional customer service. Their emails were always on time and on topic, every question was answered. Communication was nothing but pleasant! Speaking of the mobile app itself, we got exactly what we wanted - stylish, dynamic, productive and up-to-date app. I highly recommend Manufactura to anyone who needs a reliable partner and professional developer!
Denis Suvorov, CEO and Co-Founder of Foodrate LLC

Project team
Dmitriy Provotorov
Product Manager
Elena Moiseeva
Lead Designer
Maksim Zakopaylov
Head of Development
Yuriy Zolotukhin
Android Developer
Aleksey Rogov
Android Developer
Olga Sarycheva
Sergey Kotsyuba
Katya Zolotareva
Special thanks
Denis Suvorov
for his trust
Vitaliy Churbakov
for his positive attitude
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